Polish market presents employers with many challenges as well as opportunities, therefore we provide each client with professional and comprehensive assistance in all labour-related matters.

1. Human Resources 

Offer includes:

  • Preparation of all documentation pertaining to employment relationship
  • Keeping records of periodic medical exams and occupational health and safety courses
  • Collection of employee personal files
  • Keeping vacation time records
  • Preparation of certificates for employees
  • Calculation of ZFŚS (Employee Benefit Fund)
  • Preparation of reports for GUS (Central Statistical Office) 
  • Labour law advisory
  • PIP (National Labour Inspectorate ) audits assistance

2. Payroll and ZUS (Social Insurance Institution)

Offer includes:

  • Client data migration PŁATNIK software
  • Registration of an entity and its employees with ZUS (Social Insurance Institution)
  • Calculation of pay and benefits covered by ZUS (Social Insurance Institution)
  • Payroll preparation
  • Civil law contracts settlement
  • Calculation of monthly ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) contribution and income tax
  • Preparation of  tax and ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) returns and employee annual statements
  • ZUS (Social Insurance Institution ) and US (Tax Office) audit assistance
  • Settlements with foreigners, including determination of their tax residence status

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