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On Average, we spend 160 hours per month at work. Our happiness depends on the large extent on the atmosphere in the workplace and the room it creates for fulfilling our ambitions. At Badesta, our client-centred approach begins with attentive listening to our employees and satisfying their needs. We believe that a happy employee equals a happy, satisfied customer. And we have nearly 30 years of experience to prove it.

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Family is one of the key values at Badesta.

I believe that happiness in private life and at work can go hand in hand. We support young mothers in finding a way to combine the roles of a caretaker and an employee. Our employees can work remotely or semi-remotely and schedule their professional duties in a way that fits into their daily routines on a given stage of their lives.

The female-oriented approach of the company helps create a team where working mothers can successfully pursue their professional careers and adjust their career paths to their private needs - both when it comes to their position in the company, as well as the time and place of work. Women can focus of professional growth, take in slow when their children are small, and come back to more engaging activities when the time is right.


To meet the expectations of our employees, we offer an option to work on a task basis where the employees decide themselves on the sequence, place and timing of their activities. Our team members frequently work remotely or semi-remotely. That allows them to combine their professional duties with their personal plans. They appreciate our flexibility and excellently perform their duties, show high level of engagement and a friendly approach towards the rest of the Badesta team.

How come that system works so well?

We believe in an open and honest communication within the company.

The management team holds weekly meetings, and then managers of relevant departments meet with their teams and communicate the key information related to the company's operations, changes in taxes, as well as listen to the ideas, problems, and needs that their team members may choose to express. We always treat each other as partners - no matter the position within the company's structure or the relation of superiority.

Once a month, we organise a "pizza day" - which may at times turn into a "sushi day" or a "chinese day", following our employees' hints. Such a meeting offers a perfect occasion for our office and remote employees to meet and mingle.


To us, "growth" can mean many different things. We believe that it is human nature to strive for growth - both in the private, and professional life. That is why the philosophy of our company is not only to develop industry-specific knowledge, but also acquire soft skills which are extremely valuable when it comes to building relations with co-workers, customers, family and friends.

We hold a series of external workshops in the National Chamber of Tax Advisers and the Accountants Association in Poland, as well as a number of internal training sessions conducted by one of our tax advisors. We have English classes twice a week.

We learn to mitigate potential mistakes, but if a mistake does occur we know that to err is human. We look for causes, draw conclusions, learn a lesson - and move on.

Growth means also supporting natural talents of our team members on daily basis. We match experts with the customers who need their skills - not only the hard ones. An employee who likes and knows foreign languages is matched with a client that needs services to be provided in another language, so that s/he can excel linguistic skills every day. If an employee has strong social skills, s/he is referred to work with clients who require more interaction.


Is it possible to find a long-lasting workplace in the times of dynamic changes?

Surely! Our team is a perfect evidence to that fact!

Marathons, not sprints, are our thing. We have over 50 employees; on average, our employees have worked with us for 9 years. There are several people in the team who have cooperated with us for over 20 years. We always make sure that women who get back to work after maternity leave have a place in the company waiting for them. This gives us a true sense of satisfaction, for it means that Badesta is an employee-friendly environment to go back to.

Our style of work means also that we know and understand each other, respect our needs, and build life-long friendships.

We are a team with one common goal. The people who join us are not only experts in their fields, but first of all are compassionate and friendly towards the other members of the team. We believe in being honest and respectful, and helping each other when needed. We spend most of our time during weekdays at work and our workplace should be a conflict-free zone. The customer service process often requires people from different departments to work together. Thus, well-tuned, efficient communication, friendly, respectful approach, and willingness to help directly affect the comfort of our work and, as a result, the quality of our services.

If you are an accountant and would like to become a part of our team, please send us your CV with the note 'I consent to the processing of my personal data by Badesta sp. z o. o. sp. k. for the purpose of recruitment for the position I am applying for' to the email address